Our Story

Meet Clarissa and Jazmin the visionary minds behind unfinished business. Their serendipitous journey began with a sewing machine and a deck of cards. It all started with a chance encounter at a fashion show exactly one year prior to their inaugural vendor show on November 19th. Clarissa designed an outfit for Jazmin to walk in, an exchange that immediately connected the two. Both single mothers navigating the intricate tapestry of artistry and parenthood, they found solace in each other’s company.

During their first hangout Jazmin conducted a tarot reading for Clarissa, igniting a profound connection rooted in shared experiences and values. Surprisingly they discovered uncanny similarities, including matching tattoos of Russian nesting dolls, despite neither having any Russian heritage. Their friendship blossomed naturally, blending their families and creating a bond that was as inseparable as their children. It was during one serene lakeside gathering, armed with nothing but pencil and paper, that the concept of Unfinished Business was conceived. Driven by their unwavering belief in the infinite pursuit of spiritual enrichment, Clarissa and Jazmin envisioned a community driven space where individuals could embark on their own healing journeys. Thus the idea of the build your own intention pop-up was born.

At unfinished business they provide a sanctuary for seekers to craft their own intention tools, from smudge sticks to spiritual baths. Empowering them to connect with their intuition and embrace personal growth.

Join Clarissa, Jazmin and the Unfinished Business community on a journey where every step is as significant as the destination, and together lets cultivate a community grounded in authenticity, connection and self-discovery.